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Daily work on the Franconian Dictionary entails for the most part classifying and interpreting usage examples of words.  This requires analysing in detail how words connect and differ respectively. The results become part of the dictionary without being documented as such.  This is why we chose analyses like these for our Blog, just to point out the special aspects of our work or show aspects which typify our work. With our Blog we aim at approaching the scientific as much as the non-scientific public, in order to present our research work but also to discuss disputed cases like this: „Das Bier ist matt.“ fraenkisch.hypotheses.org/15



Almost on a daily base we find examples surprising us. Sometimes they are very funny, sometimes bizarre or striking for many other reasons. We like to publish them fast via Twitter, just to share those special finds as soon as possible with everybody else.

An example:

In this case the question asked was about the verb ō’schnagng, meaning “to run around where one actually had no business to be”. The reference person in Upper Franconia did not know the word ō’schnagng. Instead she wrote Seid iä auf dä Wurscht rumgloffen („Have you been running around on the sausage”). What a great metaphor for the action of „running around where one actually had no business to be“.